JJ Industries floor bunding solutions include rubber floor bunding and flexible floor bunding. Both are vehicle friendly drive-over bunding solutions.

Where vehicle and human traffic is present, floor bunding represents an ideal spill containment solution. With floor bunding the spill is contained to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment.

Our floor bunding solutions include sales, consultation and installation of all floor bunding. For expert advise on your floor bunding needs call us today.

Rubber Floor Bunding

Rubber floor bunding is a cost effective solution to meet your liquid storage and containment requirements in a wide variety of workplaces. The high density rubber compound and unique extrusion hole design allow for secure fastening, enabling heavy vehicle and forklifts traffic. Full instructions are included to ensure the units are easily installed and can be removed and re-installed if required.

Drive Over Bunding

Manufactured from high density foam encased in high frequency welded heavy duty PVC, the 75mm high triangular profile collapses down as vehicles drive over it and springs back to shape after it passes.Full instructions are included to ensure the units are correctly installed and can be removed and re-installed if required.

Rubber floor bunding

JJ Industries Floor Bunding Projects

Below are a selection of projects we’ve completed that involved bunding solutions.

Rubber floor bunding

Rand Transport Fuel Bunding

JJ Industries was contracted by South East Queensland Line Marking to consult and design on a bunded containment area to retain any fuel spillage around a heavy vehicle refueling station at Rand Transport.

TJM manufacturing wash bay bunding

TJM Manufacturing Wash Bay Bunding

TJM 4wd Accessories contacted JJ Industries to undertake the design and construction for upgrades to their Geebung operations.

rubber floor bunding installation onsite feat

Arcadia Energy Bunding

JJ Industries was contracted by Arcadia Energy to consult and design on a secondary containment area and emergency response products around a vehicle refueling station for council approval.

linfox fuel depot aluminium bunding

Linfox Fuel Depot Aluminium

JJ Industries were contracted by Linfox Transport to design, supply and install a large bunded area of fire resistant aluminium bunding at their transport operations yard in Padstow NSW.

Other Bunding Solutions

Other bunding solutions include bunded spill pallets, bunded dispensing modules and bunded outdoor storage. For more information see our bunded pallets and storage page.