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    TJM Manufacturing Wash Bay Bunding

    TJM Manufacturing Wash Bay Bunding

    TJM 4wd Accessories contacted Jay & Jay Industries to undertake the design and construction for upgrades to their Geebung operations. Concerns had been raised with site water releasing to storm water. TJM required a bunded area to wash prototype vehicles. As TJM regularly has pre-production models from the major Australian car companies, driving vehicles offsite was prohibited for unreleased models,  dictating a limited area for the proposed wash bay.

    Jay & Jay Industries used rubber floor bunding and designed a workable wash bay area for vehicles of differing sizes. Water and oil redirection was factored in as further issues were raised with a leaking compressor station nearby. All water from wash operations was redirected away from stormwater drains and by design removed the small contaminants leaking from the compressor room. Both water and hydrocarbons were then directed to an existing oil-water separator.

    Jay and Jay Industries undertook the design, supplied the bunding and installed the bunding to design specifications. Jay & Jay Industries were also asked to be on-hand to coordinate with the TJM enviro team and EPA inspectors.

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