Spill absorbent products are for the clean-up of everyday  oil leaks and fuel spills. Our absorbent products include sweeping compounds such as Keen Sweep and KSorb, absorbent pillows and mats, and spill booms. 

Our spill products have a variety of applications and we suggest you consult a JJ Industries representative to find out the best oil and fuel spill products your situation.

Oil Chemical & Fuel Spill Absorbent Compounds

Kleen Sweep: Oil & Fuel Absorbent

kleen sweep absorbent

KleenSweep is primarily an oil and fuel absorbent that uses industry-leading, capillary absorbent technology, especially designed for the industrial, commercial and automotive markets.  KleenSweep is manufactured in Australia from recycled natural cellulose by-products and totally encapsulates the spill so that the surface is left clean and dry.

KleenSweep is designed for use on all hard surfaces to absorb petrol, oil and diesel spills. It can also be used on animal, vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils, and oil-based paints.  One step ‘dry clean’. The product is simply spread around and over the spill, and swept back and forth until the surface is dry. The sorbent is then swept aside leaving no surface residue. No secondary detergent or solvent washes are necessary. KleenSweep can also be used to absorb water-based liquids such as food products, paints, and water-soluble chemicals (ie: glycols).


A product developed from numerous years of research to produce a truly premium floor sweep product

  • Made in Australia from a renewable resource, in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Good sorption properties. Absorbs a wide range of liquids.
  • Absorbs up to 10 times more liquid than other products (ie: calcined clays).
  • Low Environmental Toxicity. Passes all leachate tests.
  • Cost effective. Reduces transportation / disposal costs, and reduces clean up time.
  • Approval for disposal to landfill in most States.
  • 100% Biodegradable. Multiple disposal options.
  • Quick, safe and easy to use. Safe to store.
  • Tested as per Australian Standards, USEPA, ASTM, ISO, APHA, CGSB and others. MSDS available on website.
  • Government & industry accredited.

KSorb: Oil Absorbent

K Sorb oil abosorbent

SpillSmart Ksorb Hydrophobic Absorbent- is a 100% loose cellulose fibre absorbent used to for oily sludge stabilization either on land or on water prior to the collection, transportation and disposal. Being Hydrophobic, it will resist absorbing water, preferring hydrocarbons making SpillSmart Hydrophobic Fibre most effective as a short term deployment absorbent for on water spills.

Because of its strong ‘wicking effect’ SpillSmart Ksorb Hydrophobic Fibre Absorbent is able to rapidly encapsulated liquids so that they cannot leach back into the environment. All SpillSmart absorbents have been tested for and pass stringent international liquid release standards. In many regions, SpillSmart absorbents can be disposed of to landfill, however this is subject to local regulations given the product is manufactured from biodegradable recycled materials.

SpillSmart Hydrophobic Fibre can absorb an amazing 13 times its weight in oil (1.8 gallons per pound). It is lightweight, highly absorbent with a low dust content, and is incinerable (9,809 btu/lb) with a low ash residue. Available in 30 lt bags weighting approximately 2kg. The product is also used to make 1.2m x 75mm socks, 3m x 75mm socks and 3m x 125mm booms.

Oil & Fuel Spill Absorbent Mats & Pads

Absorbent Pads

absorbent pads Our absorbent pads make up a crucial part of any spill kit. They can absorb more than 1L / pad, work great as a drip tray and have as many applications as one can imagine. Sold individually or by a box of 100 (or by the pallet) our absorbent pads are a heavy 400gsm, tough and reliable absorbent pad. They encapsulate, ensuring no leach back to the environment. Our pads are Melt blown and have a scrim applied during manufacturing meaning they are tough and won’t break down as they become saturated. If you’re using absorbent pads then you have enough of a mess to clean up without the pad itself becoming a hazard. Available in three standard types:
  • Fuel and Oil
  • General Purpose (GP)
  • Hazchem

Absorbent Pillows

Absorbent Pillows Absorbent pillows are 400mm long x 40mm wide by x 500mm long and have the ability to absorb more than 4L / pillow. They absorb much more than a conventional pad due to the large internal surface area inside the pillow. Pillows are effective under slow machinery leaks, or can be used in a similar fashion to an absorbent pad. Absorbent pillows come with a brass eyelet in the corner of the pillow to allow easy attachment of a handle of chord for easier control on different applications.

Other Absorbent Products

Absorbent Booms

absorbent booms

Absorbent booms, mini booms, land booms and socks are all names given to absorbent booms designed to contain and or absorb spills.ey can be used as a barrier around a stormwater drain when used on land or placed directly in the path of a spill, around and under leaking machinery and other types of applications.

Our Mini booms are also available in our three types:

  • Fuel and Oil
  • General Purpose (GP)

Absorbent Rags

Absorbent Rags available at JJ ofshoot Absolute Rags

JJ Industries are the home of Superior Wipers and our Brick range of compressed rags. JJ Industries offshoot, Absolute Rags and Wipers, built their reputation over the last decade by providing prompt and reliable customer service. We exceed expectations, with tight delivery turnaround and reliable delivery.