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Security Cameras

In business it is important to protect your property. The same can be said for your home. Security cameras play an important part of that. They act as a deterrent. And if something is stolen or broken they can help uncover the culprit. 

Local Gold Coast & Brisbane Security Companies

We’ve had security cameras installed at the industrial complex where we are located. We try and be good citizens within the community in our complex and are active on boards. It was important for us to strike a balance between protecting privacy and identifying problems. What we’ve done with are two high-definition cameras mounted high in a central location. These cameras point north and south and cover most of the complex. 

They share a wireless link back to the office where the recorder is situated.  

Features of a good cameras security system

We can view the cameras on our phone or from our computers. 

The cameras have motion detection built in. The app on our phone scrolls seamlessly between recordings.

The motion detection is programmable. We have excluded areas where palms wave. Recently we identified a issue where somone walking through the complex would not trigger the motion detection. We were able to adjust the settings to include this movement in our recordings.

We can record weeks of video.


If you’re wanted to get security cameras installed try one of these two companies: