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    Bunded Spill Pallets

    bunded spill palletsAvailable in 2-Drum or 4-Drum configurations, these high quality Spill Pallets are built for heavy duty loads and convenient handling whilst providing complete spill containment confidence. Our economy range provides reliable and cost effective protection.Applications include satellite waste collection and storage of virgin chemicals Available in 2-Drum or 4-Drum configurations Forkliftable Meets Australian Standards Chemical Compatibility Guide available

    Bunded Drum Rack Dispensing Module

    bunded drum rack dispensing module2-Drum racking partnered with Spill Pallets offer a complete and effective solution for 205L drum storage. Store and coordinate drums to create a clean and safe workplace.

    Bunded Outdoor Storage

    bunded outdoor storageSecure your outdoor drums with our range of ‘Roller’ or ‘Gull Wing’ (pictured) style covers. Available in multiple drum configurations, lockable and with sufficient room for pumps or funnels, have the confidence that your drums are safe and fully contained.