Coconut coir logs
Coir Log
Made from 100% natural coconut fibre coir logs are an ideal solution for erosion control. Our product is easy to use and install, these logs create a natural control area that helps establish plant growth, and control erosion. Coconut coir logs have been effectively used in beach and river restoration projects, stabilization of environmentally affected areas, and construction job sites.

Why use coir logs? 

Environmentally, coconut coir fibre erosion control logs one of the most environmentally responsible product on the market. They are made 100% out of coconut coir and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing of them.  They are fully biodegradable within 5-10 years, decomposing into a natural medium that promotes plant growth. As this happens, a well established root system develops that will blend into aquatic environments and successfully hold banks and shorelines in place, preventing further erosion.
  • 200mm diameter
  • 3 meters long
  • 100% natural coconut coir compressed in mesh netting
  • stabilization on sloping areas such as hills, river banks and shorelines
  • restoration and reinforcement of river and creek banks
  • beach restoration
  • wetland erosion
  • ideal for steep roadside embankments
  • quick and simple to use
  • lightweight for transport and handling
  • multiple coir logs can be joined together for large areas 
  • provides nutrients to surrounding area
  • requires no chemical treatment
  • environmentally friendly
  • coir logs hold seedlings and saplings in place
  • provides immediate protection to shoreline when installed
  • helps build into existing landscape contours
  • very safe for local wildlife in the project area

Coir logs are environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing. 

Need Supply Of Coir Logs

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