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When we needed some cabling and wiring done in the office we asked our friends at Pogo to recommend someone. They put us onto Gold Coast electricians South East Electrical. We’re very glad they did because their work was completed on time and confirmed to my somewhat neurotic need to have things neat and tidy.

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We deal in compliance so it’s important to us that the work we get done by other is compliant also. This is an area that South East Electrical impressed us. They knew their stuff and made sure everything was compliant. Not just their work, but the pieces that connect to their work, like the switchboard. 

They ran some data cabling through our office. This office is somewhat “industrial”. We’ve built the office space within our warehouse. That doesn’t mean we don’t value the way it looks. The exposed metal beams have their own charm. If you get an electrician in who doesn’t care too much you’ll end up with unsightly cabling. It’s always going to be visible in our office, you’ll see the conduit running along the supports and across the ceiling. So it needs to be done properly. This is where South East Electrical stood out. They finished off the work in a way even a fussy bugger like me can appreciate. 

Check out their LED lights page, commercial electrician and data cabling. Don’t forget their air conditioning too. As electricians they are also full ARCtick approves air conditioner installers. That means they can install the air conditioner and fit off the electricals too (which most installers can’t do).