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Tork Wipers

Tork wipers and cleaning clothes are a convenient and hygienic solution for work sites, kitchens and other commercial applications. Tork wipers provide uniform, cost effective and accessible cleaning solutions. 

JJ Industries are your supplier for Tork wipers and cleaning clothes.

Cost Effective Wiper Solutions

The design of Tork wiper systems help you get jobs done faster and with less waste. Tork wipers have excellent absorbency and are tough enough for grease and dirt.

Features of Tork Wipers

  • Get jobs done quicker because ExelCLEAN technology provides excellent wet strength and absorbency
  • Tork wiper Consistency: No time wasted choosing the right cloth  as product is consistent every time
  • Tork wipers are soft and flexible enough for tight spaces and quickly cleaning intricate components
  • With Tork wipers the same product is tough enough to clean oil, grease and dirt.


 Safety of Tork Wipers

  • Tork wipers compact refill packs make storage easier and more stable
  • Tork wipers reduce tripping hazards by containing wipers in dispenser at the right location
  • Avoid strains by placing the Tork wiper dispensers at the right height with flexible mounting options


 Reduce Costs with Tork Wipers

  • Hold and release properties minimizes solvent consumption by approximately 27%
  • Reduce pilferage with lockable dispensers
  • Control consumption with only using the required wiper needed to complete the task
  • Re-usable Tork dispensers: no need to replace dispensers
  • Robust design and durable materials withstand wear and tear
  • Have product where you need it with flexible dispensing and mounting options.
  • Quick and easy to use and maintain
  • Less refilling with high capacity dispensers


Contact JJ Industries for information on supply of Tork wipers and cleaning clothes.

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