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Gold Coast Pest Control

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Here at JJ Industries we’re in the business of compliance. Our clients trust and value our consulting services and the environmental compliance products we provide. We deal directly with environmental compliance, helping clients deploy solutions like floor bunding, silt curtains and spill kits. We also deal with many members of our hospitality industry with our provision of janitorial supplies and chemicals. 

One area we don’t deal in, but thought we should mention because it’s important to all homes and busineses, is pest control. Pest control is a compliance issue for our friends in hospitality. Getting the right pest control agent is as important for our clients in hospitably as getting the right silt curtains is to our clients developing on or next to waterways

The Gold Coast Pest Inspector

The best pest inspectors have years of experience, are diligent, knowledgeable and take great care in their craft. Like the Gold Coast Pest Inspector pest controller. Richard has been in the business for decades and really cares about his craft and his clients. He’s proud to display the images of his pest control where he’s found the pests that other companies have missed.

Gold Coast Pest Inspector does pre-purchase pest inspections, pest control for homes and businesses, and termite control. He uses the Exterra method for luring and trapping termites, and then killing them with a compound that is next to harmless for the environment. It’s one of the most effective and safest solutions on the market.