Leaking equipment and large spills are a part of the risk of any workplace facilities. Part of any response to spills are spill kits. Having spill kits available and having the right spill kits is the best way to minimise the effects of a spill and ensure your commercial site complies with environmental standards. JJ Industries provide spill kits for all enterprises big and small. Our expertise in supplying, installing and maintaining spill kits means we can provide you with the right spill kit for your circumstances. JJ Industries also provides training on the use of spill kits if required. Spill kits are often a one size fits all situation but JJ’s spill kit customization services mean you can get spill kits that better suits your requirements. Customized spill kits ensure you get the spill abatement you need to cover your circumstances but also reduces costs by providing you with the elements of  the spill kits you need. Contact your JJ rep for a consultation to discuss your spill kit requirements.
Spill Response Kits

Spill Kit Maintenance and Training

In circumstances where minor spill occur regularly, proper spill kit maintenance and training staff on use of spill kits and absorbent products is essential to reduce costs and ensure that your spill kit is properly stocked for emergency use. Without proper training staff usually take from the kit whatever product they find inside the spill kit that seems suitable. Often it’s not the most suitable product or the least expensive and it leaves the spill kit depleted for when it’s really needed, during an emergency spill.  Proper training by JJ staff, provision of absorbent products for minor spill  and a regular visit by your JJ rep can assure that your staff are using the correct products and that your kit remains ready for use during emergency spills. JJ staff are knowledgeable and experienced with spill kits so it you need any advise please feel free to contact us.