Linfox Fuel Depot Aluminium Bunding

Linfox Fuel Depot Aluminium Bunding

Jay & Jay Industries were contracted by Linfox Transport to design, supply and install a large bunded area of fire resistant aluminium bunding at their transport operations yard in Padstow NSW. Total dimensions for the bunded area were 30mL x 20.4mW with a minimum capacity of 20,000ltrs.

The Linfox site involved some significant hurdles as the yard was over 100 years old. Dealing with variations in the concrete were from years of repairs and patching to the ground was part of our brief. Complicating matters further, large amounts of hydrocarbons and oils were present deep into the concrete. Automatic scrubbing equipment was required to degrease before any works could commence. Site access was also limited as transport operations had to be maintained while works took place, meaning zero hot works could take place on site.

Jay & Jay Industries undertook and completed the installation in 3 days plus mobilization. Jay & Jay Industries managed and coordinated this project from its inception through to completion including CAD drawings, sourcing and fabrication of the bunding, with all documented testing data on load point and pressure capacity.

Managing logistics was of particular importance as this scope of work was on an accelerated timeline. The distance from our base of operations to the installation point was a factor we considered also.

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