drive over bundingJJ Industries drive over bunding is constructed with 100% memory foam with HF Welded heavy duty PVC.  It is available in standard 5mL x 70cmH but can be custom made to any length to suit your application.  This bunding also offers corner pieces.

Why Drive Over Bunding

Drive over bunding is suitable for areas with lower levels of vehicle traffic. It is a waterproof product that collapses down as vehicles drive over it and springs back to shape after it passes. This product can be removed and re-installed if required.

While drive over bunding won’t last like our rubber floor bunding due to the continual flex from vehicle movement, sections can be replaced.

Applications For Drive Over Bunding

Drive over floor bunding is appropriate for normal bunding of any environment. It is designed for light traffic. 90 degree corners are also available making it possible to create a complete contained area, or you can run a straight line across if required. Suitable for chemical storage areas, wash bays, any other storage area.

Supply And Installation Of Rubber Floor Bunding

Drive over bunding is available on its own or with the full installation kit (does not come with aluminum flat bar)

If you would like to install your rubber floor bunding yourself it is a surprisingly simple process just;

  1. Thoroughly clean floor surface that bunding is to be fixed to.
  2. Glue bunding to floor using Sikaflex.
  3. Fix flat steel bar (25mm x 3mm) on flaps of bunding and dyna bolt to floor every 500mm.

If you would prefer to have your bunding installed from start to finish, JJ Industries also offers installation for any sized job.

JJ Industries have completed all different types installations for our clients, from an installation at our client’s own home residence to large scale warehouse installation.

JJ Industries are more than happy to have a chat with you, to discuss what your application requires.

Questions about supply or installation of drive over bunding?

If you're looking for drive over bunding for project or as part of your site compliance call us today.