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Bricks of rags

The first choice for Rags and Wipers: J&J Industries

J&J Industries offer bulk supply rags for industrial, CSG and mining use. Cleaning rags and wipers of all types are in stock and are ideal for housekeeping, mining, schools, maid services and much more. Jay & Jay Industries have been producing rags and wipers globally for over 12 years. We offer bulk wholesale rags ranging from our 10 kg brick up to 500 kg compressed bales. If you want guaranteed volume and supply, if your location is remote, or if you want continuity of supply plus an ability to bundle with our full range of mining and CSG supplies, talk to us about your requirements.

J&J Industries range of Rags, Wipers and Cleaning Clothes

White T-Shirt Rag

The white T-Shirt rag is the preferred choice for printer technicians, cabinet makers, stone masons, boat building and kitchen makers. Our T-shirts are high quality and low linting. All zips, buttons and printed labels are removed making our 100% white stretch knit T-shirts ideal for polishing, clean up or wipe down tasks being outstanding for cleaning as well.

Flannel Rags

This medium linting, soft absorbent polishing cloth is primarily used for car detailing to furniture polishing. All buttons and zips are removed.

Washable Nappie Rags

Our nappies are hemmed around all sides to significantly reduce the linting, all nappy rags and 60x60cm in size. Being washable they are extremely cost effective compared to single use wipes. Our nappies are generally supplied brand new and if properly cleaned they have a long life span.

Washable Towelling

The super absorbent soft and versatile towelling is great for window cleaning and other general cleaning tasks and are reusable when washed.

Specialty wipers and cleaning rags

Apart from the common picks, we stock an extensive range of modern manufactured wipers. Contact us for specific information as the applications are for specialist tasks. Some of these uses include electronic and specialist engine building tasks, as well as clean room and sanitized processing plants.


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