Rubber Floor Bunding

Rubber Floor BundingRubber Floor Bunding is one of the most versatile options from our range of floor bunding products. Rubber floor bunding is an extruded hard rubber material that is available as 5mtr sections.

For more examples of rubber floor bunding in action see our projects page.

Advantages of Rubber Floor Bunding

Rubber floor bunding is easily transportable while being of significant manufacture quality to be impervious to heavy use applications.

Supply & Install Rubber Floor Bunding

Installation is fast and efficient and the effort involved can be further reduced with our simplified option of “ready to install” packages. When choosing this option Jay & Jay Industry will undertake the majority of initial preparation and supply you with the needed meterage of Rubber floor bunding as well as all the adhesive and anchoring bolts needed to complete your project. Jay & Jay Industries also understand that many companies or individuals are on tight timeframes or require a complete Installation service. If so please contact us to discuss your needs. Further information on our ‘turnkey’ installation packages are available on our projects pages.

Further information on our ‘turnkey’ installation packages are available on our projects pages.

Applications For Rubber Floor Bunding

The versatility of Rubber Floor bunding is extremely high as not only does it provide fast easy retro fitting to create a bunded area it also aids a number of liquid control issues on site.

  • Water run off can be redirected using rubber floor bunding.
  • Existing bunded areas, often built from concrete, can have their capacity significantly increased through the addition of rubber bunding.
  • Rubber floor bunding can also be used as part of traffic management and speed control measures on sites and residential complexes.

Bunding Broken Or Uneven Surfaces

Rubber floor bunding is incredibly flexible when being installed on broken and or uneven hardstand areas. Many rigid bunding products require ground works and levelling before installation can begin as well as significant water proofing measures once complete. Rubber floor bunding on the other hand will contour uneven ground and can be curved around already ready in place measures. Water proofing is easily undertaken with minimal silicone sealing.

Contact Us About Rubber Floor Bunding

For more information or to discuss supply and/or installation of rubber floor bunding please contact JJ on 07 5537 8422 or use the form below.