Mudgeeraba creek outlet

Mudgeeraba creek outlet

Jay & Jay Industries were contracted by Gold Coast city council to design, fabricate and Install a long-term deployment Aquatic weed boom at the mouth of Mudgeeraba Creek. Mudgeeraba Creek outlet suffers from extreme weather events so careful construction needed to be undertaken to withstand water flow exceeding 14knots. To further complicate matters a navigation channel needed to be maintained for boats and kayaks on one side of the inlet. Tthe boom had to also have the capabilities to be completely closed as required when weed spraying was to be undertaken.


  • 1020gsm UV resistant PVC
  • 150mm float
  • 8mm gal chain
  • ASTM – Universal load connector

Full custom construction with increased ballast chain and larger floatation chamber. Upgraded construction material to XR5 Elvaloy 1020gsm. The inclusion of a swinging boom gate to enable navigation for boats and recreational craft.


  • Mudgeeraba Creek has been documented as a leading source of noxious weed migration into the Gold Coast
    waterways. The council needed a boom to restrict the flow of weeds such as Sylvania and allow catchment for harvesting after weed spraying exercises.
  • Extreme water flow rates, a difficult access point for works as well as a stated desire to maintain access to the creek for boats made this a difficult project.
  • To enable a swinging gate section of the boom final length was required to be 60m.
  • Final installation was undertaken by Jay & Jay Industries to allow boom bypass mode in the event of extreme weather events. Existing bridge structure was elected after discussion with the council to be used for anchoring so as to avoid further disturbance to the waterway

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