Boonah Waste Water And Reclamation Plant Upgrade

Boonah Waste Water And Reclamation Plant Upgrade

Jay & Jay Industries we contracted by Thomas and Coffey as lead subcontractor for the design, construction and installation of a static Waste pond Baffle system. Jay & Jay Industries supplied a series of engineered baffles designed to slow incoming water and redirect the flow across the face of the baffles aiding in the fallout of heavy particles and sediments.

The Baffles were to be placed 2 per pond at nominated lengths by our client and the Head client. Our task was to provide a finished product engineered for a minimum 20 year life span in this highly corrosive environment.

Installation was a combined exercise between Jay & Jay Industries and On Water Marine services. Des from On Water was selected because of his years of experience with non invasive anchor method’s. The Boonah pond baffle needed to be secured both across the surface and vertically in the water column without damaging the protective pond liner.

Jay & Jay Industries completed our scope of works with in the nominated time frame and received high praise from the Head client Queensland Urban Utilities. Please read our further project pages on works we have undertaken for QUU.

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