Fuel spill containment kits

JJ Industries supply a full range  of containment and control measures, including bunding and storm water drain protection. As part of any environment control solution you need proper emergency response in place. That’s where fuel spill containment kits are essential.

All workplaces that use oils, chemicals and other toxic substances need to have fuel spill containment kits available in case of spills. Australian environmental standards require you to protect against fuel spills. Fuel spill containment kits should be available, kept properly stocked and ready for use in order for you to comply for the relevant fuel spill regulations.






What fuel spill containment kit do I require?

JJ Industries has four spill kits designed to suit your specific circumstances. Please refer to the tables below (or see our Services for custom designed spill stations).

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The following fuel spill containment kits are available through JJ Industries:

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JJ staff are knowledgeable and experienced with fuel spill containment kits so it you need any advise please feel free to contact us.

Fuel Spill Containment Kits

JJ Industries supplies fuel spill containment kits in standard and customized forms. For many businesses preparing for and dealing with containing fuel spills a custom kit is the cheaper and easier way to go. Jay Jay consult and specialize in delivering custom fuel spill containment kits for each business as they require.

All fuel spill containment kits are only as useful as the items it contains. Keeping your fuel spill containment kits properly stocked is essential to avoid a situation where you have a fuel spill but an inadequate fuel spill containment kit. A  Jay Jay rep can visit you regularly and help you keep your fuel spill containment kits topped up.  As part of our consultancy we’ll suggest other ways to save money and prepare effectively for fuel spill containment. For instance, having handy supply of regularly used fuel spill containment and fuel absorbent products prevents workers from using those items from the fuel spill containment kit. It’s cheaper and better to keep these fuel spill items on the shelf rather than to canalization the fuel spill containment kit each time they’re needed.

Custom Fuel Spill Containment Kits

As a leading expert in fuel spill containment kits Jay Jay can consult on the best fuel spill containment kits for your business. We’ll customize your fuel spill containment kit so that it best suits your needs. Our fuel spill containment kits are the most cost effective solution tohelp you with your environment protection policy.

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