Aquatic Silt Curtain

JJ Industries have considerable experience with both the supply and implementation of aquatic silt curtains solutions. Aquatic silt curtains are used for preventing silt and debris contaminating waterways. Possible uses for aquatic silt curtains are to prevent the contamination of waterways during dredging, rock wall construction and other constructions in and around aquatic environments.

aquatic silt curtain at preventing marine sediment
Aquatic silt curtain preventing marine sediment at Queensland worksite

Aquatic Silt Curtains

Aquatic silt curtains are a durable yet affordable solution for silt containment. Our aquatic silt curtains have a rugged construction yet allow water to pass through easily making them a cheap and effective marine containment solution. Aquatic silt curtains come packaged and ready to deploy or can be custom engineered to suit your requirements.  The curtains are made to suit specific depths from 1 to 20 metre drops.

Aquatic Silt Curtain Installations

When you choose JJ Industries as your supplier of aquatic silt curtains you’re choosing a team with a proven background in implementation of aquatic silt curtain solutions. That experience allows us to give you the best advise and deliver you the best product. Whether you use Jay jay for installation of your aquatic silt curtains, for customization and/or deployment of aquatic silt curtains as part of a marine containment project or just for supply of the product, you’ll know you’re getting the correct aquatic silt curtains for your project.

To inquire about a aquatic silt curtain installation services please contact us here at Jay Jay.


Aquatic Silt Curtain Services

JJ Industries are specialist suppliers of marine containment and aquatic silt curtain products for mining and construction industries. We consult on aquatic environment containment across Queensland and Australia. For a consultation on your requirements for aquatic silt curtains or other marine containment products please contact us.


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