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    Coir Logs

    Coir Logs

    Coir Logs are made from 100% natural coconut fibre compacted into an outer mesh of bristle coir twine. They incorporate biological, ecological and engineering aspects of erosion control into their design, producing a structure, that when vegetated, controls hills, banks, shoreline and streambank erosion. This structure makes coir logs an ideal solution for sediment movement and heavy water flows.

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    Unlike some other erosion solutions Coir Logs are fully biodegradable within 5-10 years, decomposing into a natural medium that promotes plant growth. As this happens, a well established root system develops that will blend into aquatic environments and successfully hold banks and shorelines in place, preventing further erosion by diminishing the force of waves and stream flow. This is why vegetating is recommended. Once wetland plants are established, Coir Logs also provide a natural habitat for wildlife. The added benefits of using coir logs for projects is that they have no chemical treatments, thus making them completely safe for wildlife and plants. Beach restoration or building projects using coir logs are also far more appealing many of the alternatives.

    Coir logs used as a natural erosion control

    Whenever reasonable and practical, priority needs to be given to the preventing, or at least minimising soil erosion rather than allowing the erosion to occur and trying to trap the resulting sediment.

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