Stormwater and Erosion

Drain Warden

The unique design of the Drain Warden uses a polypropylene fabric and organic absorbent sock to capture contaminates whilst still allowing water to flow through. The drain grate holds the Warden in place, effectively removing coarse sediments, oil, litter and debris from stormwater. Available with stainless mesh screens.

Ideal for use in parking lots, vehicle storage / service areas, construction sites and industrial plants where surface oil and grease can be carried into the stormwater drains.


  • Captures contaminates, debris and sediments before they enter stormwater systems
  • Reduces stormwater pollution
  • Economical solution
  • Replaceable oil absorbent sock removes oil and grease from water flow
  • Australian made

View Our Stormwater & Erosion Projects

You’ll find details of some of the stormwater and erosion control projects JJ Industries have completed. We detail the materials used, the methodology and include images of our work.

Weighted Drain Covers

Designed as an effective and economical solution for your stormwater management, the PVC Weighted Drain Cover is gel filled and has substantial weight to prevent most harmful substances from entering the waterways.


  • Economical
  • Robust
  • Easy to clean for reuse and storage

Drain Protection

Designed as an effective and economical solution for your stormwater management, the PVC drain cover can easily be placed over a stormwater drain during a spill. The gel filling provides the drain cover with substantial weight to prevent most harmful substances from entering the waterways.

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Drain Seal

An absolute seal solution preventing hazardous spills from entering drains, grates and manholes. The flexible material is malleable to the underlying contours of the drain and is resistant to water, oil and most aggressive chemicals.


  • Flexible material allowing a complete seal
  • Resists a wide variety of chemicals
  • Various sizes available

Weighted Containment Booms

The Weighted Containment Boom is a flexible solution for your environmental management. Constructed from robust geotextile material, the Weighted Containment Boom can be strategically placed as a precaution to accidental spills and stormwater pollution in situations such as freight unloading and vehicle refueling.


  • Highly resistant geotextile fabric
  • Variable lengths available
  • Can be stored conveniently away from high traffic areas
  • Easy use handles for safe handling

Silt Fencing

Prevents sediment from migrating off site and being carried from an area at risk of erosion. It protects stormwater drains, natural waterways and sensitive environmental areas.

860mm H
100m L

Dewatering Bags

Drainsafe by Spillmax

The SpilMax® DrainSAFE is your permanent solution to stormwater management, providing you with an innovative yet affordable all-in-one product. Designed and constructed to be easily installed into existing drain pits, the SpilMax® DrainSAFE will provide your company with confidence; ensuring hazardous liquids do not escape from your site.With added corporate, environmental and financial benefits, you can’t go wrong with the SpilMax® DrainSAFE.

24 hour filtration system to capture waste and debris

  • Permanently capture debris, company waste and sediment before they enter waterways 
  • Replaceable oil absorbent insert to remove day-to-day oil sheen 
  • Oversized drain insert to capture flows 

Easy to manage open/close procedure to contain liquids

  • Telescopic handle provides fast and easy access 
  • Speedy response with a quarter of a turn 
  • 35L capacity of insert will provide ample response time 

Ease of installation and permanent application

  • Designed to fit most common drains 
  • No qualifications needed to install Step-by-step installation guide included 
  • This innovative and internationally patented product insures your company from hazardous liquids and debris escaping your site around the clock.